Special Events Makeup

Smile for the Camera with Our Special Events Makeup Services

Is your company planning a major announcement or shooting a training video? Mon Aime Makeup is available with Special Events Makeup services so that you can put on your best face for the public. Stage lighting can dramatically change your makeup. As a Certified Freelance Makeup Artist, I know just how to polish your appearance for a flawless shoot.

Beauty Professionals that Support Your Style

I am eager to listen to all your needs and desires. Are you debuting a fashion line or putting on a show at your local theatre? Beauty professionals are trained to tackle a wide range of cosmetic challenges under different circumstances. I can erase age lines, create a neutral palette to put a spotlight on a product, or even help to hide irritated skin conditions. It is all about communication! I am here to listen.

Look Your Best for the Big Interview, Appearance, or Celebration

There are so many events where your face may be captured by cell phones and digital cameras. Are you doing a remote interview? Schedule a special consultation at your home. I can suggest ways to minimize shadows so that lighting works with your new makeup. You can always look your best at weddings, announcements, anniversaries, and corporate events when you work with a makeup artist.

Set aside a special day to plan your look for that big event when you call Mon Aime Makeup today. We can find new colors, application techniques, and products to provide professional polished looks for your pics, videos, and appearances.